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d’Ambrosio: “Santiago was a big step forward”

Jerome d’Ambrosio scored his first points of the season in the Santiago ePrix and the Belgian driver is hoping it will be a catalyst for the rest of Season 4.

After three disappointing rounds with no points in the bag, Dragon Racing driver Jérôme d’Ambrosio collected his first points of Season 4 in the challenging streets of Santiago.

D’Ambrosio said: “I think that we’re putting the package together, working more”. In the past two rounds of the championship, the American team showed improvements after a negative weekend in Hong Kong. “There’s no secret, there’s just no magic. It’s just trying to put all the things together and doing the right things, and keep on improving”.

The race held on Chilean soil had a valuable importance not only for d’Ambrosio, but also from the team, as the red Dragon car showcased a strong pace and the Belgian gaining important places during the race.

“For me, it was more like trying to re-build the positive momentum and keep it from there. Obviously, Marrakesh was a very difficult weekend and Santiago was a big step forward,” said d’Ambrosio.

D’Ambrosio highlighted the influence teammate José María López had on his arrival to the squad. “Pechito came into the team last race and that was quite an interesting thing for all of us. He came with new ideas, ideas he had maybe from different places”.

The two-time race winner believes that the team will be able to be back on the podium this season, as the pace shown has improved considerably. “I think that definitely by the end of the season, we should be able to fight for a podium. I think in Marrakesh, we really had the pace to do so. Hopefully another time as well”.

The upcoming race will be the Mexico City ePrix, a track that suits the Belgian, as he won its first edition, and was able to fight in the front for several laps last season. D’Ambrosio is certain that the team is improving to be fighting for wins and podium finishes again.

Andrea Perilli

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