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Teams fined for WiFi infringement

Dragon Racing, Renault e.Dams, Jaguar Racing and Venturi have all been fined following Friday’s shakedown at the Mexico City ePrix for using a wifi system that is too powerful.

Formula E’s sporting regulations state, in article 27.1, that “electromagnetic radiation between 5 and 6 GHz is forbidden save with the written consent of the FIA.”

Using electromagnetic radiation between 5 and 6 GHz can interfere with FIA systems, which is used to monitor data from teams.

Each team has been fined €5000 for the unusual infringement, although €3500 has been suspended until the end of the season providing there is no further breach of article 27.1.

The stewards also warned the four teams caught using the frequency banned by the FIA that they face a more severe penalty if they are caught again.

The stewards decision said: “It is forbidden to use an electromagnetic radiation between 5 and 6 GHz because it can disturb the data system of FIA.

“In case of continuing this usage the Stewards may impose a more severe penalty up to a disqualification.”

Andretti Autosport were also investigated for the same offence but were able to produce a letter from 2016 with permission to use the frequency. The permission is still valid.


Jack Amey

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