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New strategic power modes for Season 5

A new strategic element has been added to Formula E with drivers required to use two different power levels in races from Season 5.

The series is introducing a new car capable of completing a race distance from Season 5. A strategic element of racing would be missing as drivers would no longer be required to pit.

The new car has a qualifying power output of 250kW and a race mode of 200kW. It has not been specified whether the race mode power output is a standard setting for drivers or whether it will be the temporary upper limit.

Another new regulation for Formula E in Season 5 is the removal of a bonus point for the driver setting the fastest lap.

This regulation has been in since Formula E started racing, although has been amended from two points to one and only available to drivers finishing in the top 10 throughout the four seasons of Formula E.

The World Motorsport Council (WMSC) confirmed that a point would be given to the most efficient driver based on energy management parameters. Full details will be announced with the new regulations after the next WMSC meeting in June.

It was also confirmed Formula E’s one-day format would not change.  

Jack Amey

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