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Engel aiming for a good result despite track characteristics

Venturi’s Maro Engel makes his debut in the streets of Punta del Este this weekend. The German reckons it could be a challenging race, but aims to overcome the bad luck he has suffered in the past rounds.

Despite having visited the peninsula twice already, this is the first time Monaco-based Venuri team arrives in Punta del Este with Maro Engel and Edoardo Mortara as its drivers.

“I’ve heard a lot from the drivers who have been here in Seasons 1 and 2, and I think it’s a very challenging track”, commented Engel, in dialogue with Just Electric.

Its proximity to the beach –the garages are literally next to the dunes, makes the track’s surface sandy. And when the wind is strong, like it happened on Thursday, it can bring even more sand to the circuit.

“I think the sand obviously makes it even more challenging, because the wind blows the sand from the beach, just over the walls and onto the beach”.

The forecast of rain for race day, in addition to the strong winds, will make the race a challenge, not only for the Venturi driver, but also for the rest of the drivers.

“I’m expecting a tough weekend in terms of conditions and in terms of the track, but it’s the same for everybody, so we’re going to try and master it better than our competitors”.

The German’s season so far has not been the one he wished for. He currently sits in P16, with 6 points in the championship. “I have to say, it’s been quite a frustrating season for myself so far and for the team.

“We have a car which is certainly capable of [achieving good results. We’ve actually finished the races in very good positions, but had these results taken away from us afterwards or had issues during the races”.

However, Engel highlights the positive things the Season 4 car has brought to the team. “We still have a car that’s certainly capable of fighting for points and racing in the Top 10 at various races, and given certain circumstances and racks, and conditions, I think it’s even capable to do more”.

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