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Enel expands Formula E partnership

Electricity manufacturer Enel has announced it will be extending its partnership with Formula E into the next generation of FE cars.

Enel has been FE’s official power partner since 2016, providing power from renewable energy sources at each event.

From season five onwards, the company will implement innovative fast charging technology, which will fully charge the new batteries in under an hour.

Enel claims the current generation of battery takes 45 minutes to fully charge, but the batteries used next season will have almost double the energy storage capacity, which allows them to complete a full race without a pit stop.

“Today’s announcement of the extension and expansion of our partnership is another step forward in the work we’re doing in the field of electric mobility,” said Head of Enel X Francesco Venturini.

“Thanks to our charging technology and our superchargers at each event, the new increased capacity and more efficient next generation Formula E cars will be charged and ready to run the entire race distance.

“Enel’s Formula E partnership underscores our group’s commitment to promote the advancement of electric mobility at a global level, furthering our research, development, and implementation of innovative technology solutions for sustainable transport.”

The announcement comes ahead of Enel’s home ePrix this weekend.

“Working with partners such as ABB and Enel with their fast-charging technology is helping us to drive innovation on a global scale with a lasting legacy,” said FE CEO Alejandro Agag.

“Motorsport is about timing – beating the stopwatch and your competitors. This pursuit for speed is also required when powering and charging your car – both at the track, on the streets, and at home in the future.”

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