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Bern E-Prix layout confirmed

After being announced as the newest venue in the calendar, the track layout for the Bern E-Prix has finally been revealed.

Months ago, the Zürich E-Prix was cancelled, due to other events taking place in the Swiss city. A replacement was sought within the European country, and Bern appeared as the clearest candidate to take over that spot in the calendar.

On Friday, it was confirmed that it would be Bern the new venue where the E-Prix on Swiss soil would take place. The race was moved from June 9th, to June 22nd.

The race’s official Twitter account (@swiss_eprix), revealed today the track layout the Bern E-Prix will have. The circuit will have a total of thirteen turns, including a ninety-degrees one, which separates two long straights.

Photo credits: bern.com.

Andrea Perilli

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