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Ehrlacher tops qualifying at Serre Chevalier

Yann Ehrlacher claimed pole for the opening Andros e-Trophy race at Serre Chevalier, ahead of reigning champion Jean-Baptiste Dubourg.

It was Sebastien Loeb Racing driver Olivier Panis top of the order after the Super Pole session, but a relatively poor performance in the heat stages meant Panis will only start third, alongside Andreas Bakkerud.

For the first time this season, the top three drivers in the first heat were the same as those in heat two. Dubourg set the pace in the first qualifying heat of the day, ahead of Bakkerud and Ehrlacher, but it was Ehrlacher top of the order in the faster second heat.

Aurelien and Olivier Panis, who finished fourth in the first and second heat respectively, and Nathaneal Berthon, who took fifth in heat one, joined the trio in the Super Pole session.

Bakkerud was third quickest in the Super Pole session, behind Olivier Panis and Dubourg, and lines up fourth on this evening’s grid.

Championship leader Aurelien Panis and Berthon complete the grid.

Quentin Giordano, who finished sixth quickest in the second heat, takes pole for the second final. He lines up ahead of Nico Prost, Christophe Ferrier, and Franck Lagorce.

Image courtesy of Bruno Bade

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