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ABB to supply charging technology for Gen 3 cars

Formula E title partner ABB will supply the championship with charging technology for the Gen-3 cars, introduced in season nine.

The Swiss-Swedish technology company takes over the responsibility from Enel X, who has been the official Smart Charging Partner since season five.

ABB, who joined the FE family as the series’ title sponsor in season four, already has experienced in electric car charging. It has installed fast chargers across 80 countries and is currently working on portable charging units that will be able to charge two Gen 3 cars simultaneously.

“The ABB FIA Formula E championship is more than a race – it is our test-bed for innovative electromobility technologies, driving development to the production line of electric vehicles and ultimately contributing to a cleaner environment for all,” said ABB electrification president Tarak Mehta.

“We are very proud to be associated with Formula E and the FIA’s decision to elevate the race series to World Championship status in season 7 enhances Formula E’s growing impact.”

Series CEO Jamie Reigle added: “As Formula E builds on the first successful phase of our partnership with ABB, we are delighted to extend our relationship through a deeper level of integration in Gen 3. ABB will provide critical charging technology that will improve the racing product and showcase the potential of enhanced charging capabilities for electric vehicles.”


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