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Evans on late defensive moves: “I just don’t really agree with it”

Mitch Evans has spoken out regarding some of the defensive driving which has been displayed in the multiple Berlin E-Prix so far.

A number of the drivers have been making some relatively late moves to try and block the inside line from other drivers.

Evans, who drives for Jaguar, had been on receiving end of some robust defending from Audi’s Rene Rast and he made his stance on the tactics some of his fellow drivers have been using clear.

He said: “I’m completely against guys doing it. I was ahead of a few run-ins with Rast yesterday and a few other drivers. I just don’t really agree with it. It’s not how I was brought up racing. I’m all about hard racing.

There is a limit as well and I think some of the moves or some of the defensive moves are very reactive to what the guy’s doing behind in the coasting phase.

“It’s just too aggressive some of it. When you’re racing and you’re not involved, you see it from behind, it looks really bad.

“I was caught up a bit with Rast and I think he got a warning for it which, it’s just a little bit unnecessary sometimes. Not only does it hurt you it hurts them as well in terms of energy consumption.”

The Kiwi also explained how drivers on the receiving end of these sorts of manoeuvres find it frustrating.

“What I don’t understand is when you are up on energy and they defend you with all their might and it’s like “you’re making both our lives worse”. Those are the frustrating ones. I’d say some of the moves I’ve seen recently have been very much on the limit and needs to be controlled.

“Maybe harsher penalties need to be applied in the future because it’s going to become worse and worse in the next few races. We’re starting to fight for the final positions in the championship. Let’s hope we can get it under control.”

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