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NIO announces organisational and car improvements ahead of S7

The Chinese outfit has announced a new powertrain, as well as appointing key figures in the team management as well as announcing Oliver Turvey for the upcoming season.

The team has announced it has gone through “changes to its operational and technical teams in both China and Europe”, among which is the appointment of Christian Silk as Team Principal. 

NIO 333 will also remain at their British headquarters in Donnington Park, as well as their Oxford base, named “Centre for Innovation & Enterprise”, where key development and commercial tasks take place. 

As for the new powertrain, the team is hopeful the improvements implemented would allow them to have the best results to date in the series.

With some specifications as a weight of 27 kilograms, maximum race cycle temperature of 95°C, and an expected life of 50+ hours between services, the team has already put the new powertrain to test, as they announce the NIO FE-001 car has completed a total of 292 kilometers of testing.

Oliver Turvey will continue to race for NIO, his sixth full season in the series, while his teammate will be announced at the Valencia testing to be held in late November and early days of December.


Andrea Perilli

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