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Dubourg leads DA Racing 1-2

Jean-Baptiste Dubourg leads a DA Racing 1-2 in the first race of the weekend at Isola 2000.

Dubourg led from start to finish in the five-lap Super Final and finished a comfortable two seconds ahead of his team-mate.

The result moves Dubourg to the top of the championship standings after just three rounds, as former points leader Aurelien Panis came home P3.

Dubourg got a strong get away from pole while the rest of the field battled for position.

Second place started Jeremy Sarhy struggled to keep veterans Quentin Giordano and Nico Prost behind him, holding up the field and allowing Dubourg to build a gap.

Fourth place started Prost found a way through and quickly set about closing in on his team-mate as Giordano and Panis kept the pressure on Sarhy.

Sarhy dropped backwards in the second half of the race with damage to the front of his car.

Panis pushed past Giordano to take third, but couldn’t close in on the Renault duo.

Giordano settled for fourth, ahead of Benjamin Riviere.

The second final was much more spread out. Oliviere Pernaut made a good start to put a small gap to Nathaneal Berthon. Berthon was unable to challenge Pernaut and the Audi driver claimed the victory 5.416s ahead.

Andorra race winner Yann Ehrlacher could only manage third, ahead of Julien Febreau and Christophe Ferrier.

Image courtesy of Bruno Bade

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