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Rome E-Prix track design revealed

Formula E has revealled a radically different circuit design for the 2021 Rome E-Prix.

The track, which is situated in the heart of Rome’s EUR district, is designed with local businesses and future spectators in mind, but also retains characteristics from previous Rome E-Prix.

The 2021 event will be FE’s third visit to the Italian capital, after races in 2018 and 2019. Rome had been scheduled for the 2019-20 calendar, but was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

“As always, we’ve created a real challenge – and in my opinion one o the greatest layouts we’ve made yet,” said Formula E sporting director Frederic Espinos. “The first and most important thing was to create a track that caused minimal disruption for the city, so we have had a re-think of the area we’re using.

“We’ve managed to keep the character of Rome in this new layout, with its undulations, lots of elevation changes, surface changes and the on-track excitement we’ve always seen when visiting the city.

“Rome is quite unique for a street circuit on our calendar as it’s one of a handful with fast, sweeping corners and varying radiuses because of the roads that we have to work with. It’s a circuit that drivers will be able to make a real difference as a result.

“We’ve shown the plans to the drivers on our committee and they were super excited because it’s a fast layout – very fast – and it’s definitely challenging.”

Only a few corners of the original circuit will remain on the new iteration, which designers believe will force teams to rethink strategy and energy management.

It’s also believed the new circuit will be kinder to non-racing traffic in the area, but will still feature a backdrop of historical buildings, including Palazzo dei Congressi and Piazza delle Nazioni Unite.

The circuit is 3.385km long, longer than the previous iteraiton, and features 19 turns as well as three long straights.

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