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Valencia E-Prix circuit layout confirmed

Formula E has revealed the track layout for the upcoming Valencia E-Prix.

Following on from the layout being unveiled for the Monaco E-Prix, Formula E have now revealed the layout to be used for the upcoming Valencia E-Prix.

The circuit, near the municipality of Cheste, is a modified version of the one used for pre-season testing by the series.

The main difference being after the kink at Turn 7 as the track follows the path of the Grand Prix circuit for Turn 8, which is where the Attack Mode activators are before a right-handed hairpin takes the cars onto the School Circuit.

The cars then have another right-hander at Turn 10 to take them back onto the Grand Prix circuit.

The final change to the circuit is the addition of a chicane on the pit straight to break up the 900m long run to Turn 1.

Rob Lomas

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