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Formula E to introduce cost caps; Season 8 calendar changes

Formula E will introduce a cost cap for teams and manufacturers from Season 9 onwards.

The move is an effort to maintain the sustainability of the championship, which lost two manufacturers, in Audi and BMW, at the end of Season 7 and will lose another at the end of the upcoming season.

The decision was confirmed at the World Motorsport Council, along with calendar and regulation changes.

“Over the past 18 months, we have worked closely with the FIA and all participants in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship to create a regulatory framework that will underpin the long-term financial sustainability for all participants in Formula E,” said series CEO James Reigle.

“When combined with recent enhancements to our technical regulations and sporting formats, this financial system will strengthen Formula E’s value proposition. In partnership with the FIA, we have created a framework which places long-term financial success at the core of the championship which will support our existing teams and manufacturers while attracting new competitors and investment.

“The financial regulations are designed to complement our ambitious technical roadmap and enable manufacturers in Formula E to showcase the potential for electric vehicles in the most demanding racing conditions: the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.”

There will be two separate cost caps for teams and manufactures.

In Seasons 9 and 10 – covering 2023 and 2024 – teams will have a cap of €13 million per season, with exclusions for existing contractual commitments.

From Season 11 onwards, that cap will go up to €15 million per season, and must include all costs, including driver wages.

Manufacturers will have a cost cap of €25 million over Seasons 9 and 10.

This will be enforced by the FIA’s Cost Cap Administration.

Also confirmed at the council meeting was further updates to the Season 8 calendar. The season is still set to begin in Saudi Arabia at the end of January, but new double header events in Rome and Berlin have been added, making 2022 a 16 round season.

1Diriyah, Saudi Arabia28 January 2022
2Diriyah, Saudi Arabia29 January 2022
3Mexico City, Mexico12 February 2022
4Rome, Italy9 April 2022
5Rome, Italy10 April 2022
6Monte Carlo, Monaco30 April 2022
7Berlin, Germany14 May 2022
8Berlin, Germany15 May 2022
9Jakarta, Indonesia4 June 2022
10Vancouver, Canada2 July 2022
11New York City, USA16 July 2022
12New York City, USA17 July 2022
13London, UK30 July 2022
14London, UK31 July 2022
15Seoul, South Korea13 August 2022
16Seoul, South Korea14 August 2022

There was further updates to the new qualifying format, with the group stages at the start of the process increasing from 10 to 12 minutes. A driver’s first timed lap must be completed within the first six minutes.

Three points will be awarded to the pole-winner if all timed laps in the duel section of qualifying are completed.

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