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Dubourg closes championship gap with second Lans en Vercors win

Jean-Baptiste Dubourg resisted late race pressure from Dorian Boccolacci to make it two from two at Lans en Vercors.

The DA Racing driver had a small gap to the rest of the field in the opening laps as Boccolacci tried to find a way past Yann Ehrlacher. But once Boccolacci was through, he rapidly closed in on the race leader.

Dubourg’s lead of a few seconds was cut down to just 0.606s by the chequered flag. On the final lap, Boccolacci appeared close enough to take the lead.

Ehrlacher came to the grid with a car that had already battled hard this weekend. The front bodywork was covered in tape. He didn’t have the same pace as Dubourg, struggling to keep up with him and then Boccolacci once the Audi driver was through.

Ehrlacher was able to hold off Nico Prost to stay third ahead of the second DA Racing driver.

Aurelien Panis took fifth, 17s adrift from Dubourg. He had been battling with Pierre-Louis Loubet early on before a problem took Loubet out of the race.

Nathaneal Berthon was the final finisher.

It was a spectacular win for Sylvian Pussier in the Final. Pussier had started on pole but spent the entire race under pressure from Olivier Pernaut. Pernaut couldn’t find a way passed Pussier and the SP Competition driver came through to take the victory.

A further seven seconds back Nicolas Baert came through to finish third ahead of Christophe Ferrier. Jeremy Sarhy had been challenging for third early on in the race but couldn’t get through. Another incident caused him to lose bodywork at the rear of the car and he was forced to retire.

Heading into the final round of the season, Panis narrowly retains his championship lead, just three points ahead of Dubourg and Ehrlacher, who are equal on points.

Image courtesy of Bruno Bade

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