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Jaguar to become powertrain supplier for Envision in Gen 3 era

Jaguar have announced today that they will become Envision Racing’s powertrain technology supplier ahead of the Gen 3 era. 

The British outfits have signed a multi-year deal, starting next season, when the Gen 3 cars will be implemented, marking the start of a new era in Formula E and electric racing.

Envision will be supplied with powertrain technology by Jaguar, becoming Jaguar’s very first customer team in their history in the series. This means that there will be four Jaguar powered cars in the grid next year. 

The announcement states that Jaguar will provide Envision with its new high-voltage electric motor, inverter, transmission, cooling system, casing, and suspension. 

James Barclay, Managing Director at Jaguar Racing, said that “We are pleased to announce that we will supply Envision Racing with our Jaguar Formula E powertrain in Gen3. They are one of the most competitive teams in Formula E and it’s an honour that they want to use Jaguar’s powertrain technology in this new era of FIA Formula E”. 

Barclay also commented that Envision “are an ideal customer team for Jaguar” and that they “will be able to optimise their own performance so we remain rivals on track. We race to innovate together and I’m excited to see four Jaguar powered Formula E race cars line up on the grid alongside each other next season”. 

Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director at Envision, commented that “Jaguar has been one of our fiercest competitors in Formula E since they joined the Championship in 2016. The team’s advanced powertrain technology and overall commitment to its Formula E programme made them the most attractive option to us”.

Andrea Perilli

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