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Lotterer’s Jakarta penalty reversed

Formula E stewards reversed a penalty decision made during the Jakarta E-Prix, almost a month after the race.

Porsche’s Andre Lotterer had been deemed at fault for a collision with Nyck de Vries during the race, leading to de Vries’ retirement.

He was handed a five second time penalty for the incident, as well as a penalty point, which took him out of the points for the race.

However, Porsche appealed the decision.

After a review, the penalty has been reversed.

Evidence revealed de Vries had already been suffering with a flat tyre. He was driving slowly, and caught Lotterer off guard, leading to the contact.

“An issue with a flat tyre let the driver of car 17 [de Vries] reduce his speed at the beginning of T7 more than usual and he brakes earlier for T8,” reads the stewards’ reasoning.

“The speed was 10kph less between T7 and T8. Mr Lotterer was not aware of this and he hit car 17 at the rear.

“Due to the tyre deflation car 36 [Lotterer] had no opportunity to avoid the collision. The stewards consider the case as a normal racing incident.”

Lotterer’s finishing position in the Jakarta E-Prix has been reinstated. He is classified ninth, ahead of Sam Bird and Sebastien Buemi, who each lose a championship point due to the decision. Lotterer has also had the penalty point gained in the incident removed.

Bethonie Waring

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