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Montreal ePrix location still in doubt

The future of the Montreal ePrix is still in question after a meeting between Formula E officials and newly elected city mayor Valerie Plante were postponed.

Plante wants the double-header round to be moved from the downtown location of season three to the Gilles Villeneuve race track, home of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Her commitment to the change is believed to have played a key part in her election, as local residents and businesses were unhappy with the disruption caused by last season’s event.

But a meeting between Plante and Montreal c’est electrique, the organisation charged with running the races, has been put on hold. She says it will now take place “before Christmas”, according to local media.

Tickets for the 2018 season finale at the downtown location have already been sold, but event promoter Evenko suspended sales last week. The move came hours after Plante said she was surprised to find the controversial location was still listed on the event page.

Bethonie Waring

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