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Heidfeld: “Mahindra are doing a great job to give us the best “

On its way to recovery after a disappointing Mexico City ePrix, Mahindra Racing aims to be back at the top of the standings in Punta del Este. Nick Heidfeld is confident his team will be able to give them the best car to be back in the fight.

Despite having raced both in Season 1 and 2, Nick Heidfeld missed the 2015 edition of the Punta del Este ePrix, while recovering from a wrist surgery he went through after injuring during a race. “This is my second time in Punta del Este. Last time Formula E raced here, I had a problem with my wrist and I missed this one race”.

In the 2014 edition, Heidfeld raced for Venturi and saw the chequered flag from P9. “I’ve been here before, I enjoyed it a lot, and it feels more relaxed than other places we’ve been to”, he comments.

The Uruguayan track has the particularity of being located night next to the beach, which gives the paddock atmosphere a more laid-back look. “Right now I’m looking directly at the beach, and I can see the sand and the waves, so it’s a nice place”.

However, being at a close distance to the beach, means the track will stay sandy most of the time; and the German is aware of this. “Obviously, it has an influence on the circuit, as it will be very dirty”.

Sand is not the only challenge drivers will face this weekend, as the Punta del Este track is known for its unforgiving walls and tight, quick chicanes. “The circuit itself is very tricky because of all the chicanes, and some chicanes where you can cut a lot and gain some lap times, so it’s always interesting”.

The Mexico City ePrix saw Mahindra Racing scoring no points. The German driver believes his team will able to fix this issue in the short term. “Mahindra Racing are doing a great job to give us the best we can achieve at this circuit”.

Andrea Perilli

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