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Prost: “We have to regroup and understand why it’s so difficult”

Season 4 has not gone Nico Prost’s way so far. The Frenchman had another weekend to forget in Punta del Este, leaving the Uruguayan beachside resort with no points.

Formula E’s fourth season is having results no one expected. Three-time Team Champions Renault e.dams is yet to win a race, with both Prost and Buemi struggling to score points.

In Punta del Este, a venue where in both previous occasions the team did add points to their campaigns, both the Frenchman and the Swiss experienced issues that left them out of the Top 10.

“Obviously we had a problem in qualifying, and then starting from the back, plus a 10-second penalty; it was not easy”, he explains.

“We tried a really aggressive strategy to go two laps longer. Then the pace was good; after that, we were overheating the battery”.

Despite seeing several overtakes during the race, the action happened towards the Top 10, while a rather uneventful race took place at the back positions. Prost believes this was another reason why he could not climb up any places during the 37-lap race.

“I mean, we tried something aggressive, but there was not so much happening in the race, so it was difficult to gain many positions”.

Prost, who is having a hard time this season, is currently placed in P17 in the championship, having scored 7 points so far. The team sits in P5 at the Teams’ Championship standings, 68 points behind leaders TECHEETAH.

The three-time race winner is aware of the difficulties the team is experiencing, and knows they have to work hard if they aim to be fighting at the front. “We have to regroup and understand why it’s so difficult for us to score points at the moment.

“We went from fighting Top 5 positions at every race, to be fighting from around P10 to fifteenth. The others have improved, but we –and when I say we, I include myself; we have to understand why it’s so difficult”.

Next month, Formula E starts the European leg of the championship, which coincides with the second half of the championship. Prost and his team aim to be strong enough and fight in the Top 10 again.

Andrea Perilli

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