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Santiago returns for S5 with new circuit

Formula E has confirmed that the Santiago EPrix will return for Season Five in a new location in Parque O’Higgins.

After complaints regarding the previous location at the Parque Forestal and damage caused to a statue outside the Museum of Fine Arts and cobblestones in Purisma Street during the dismantling, the circuit has been moved to the Parque O’Higgins.

The circuit will contain 14 corners and uses the perimeter roads of the park and along the esplanade with the Movistar Arena in the infield of the circuit.

It will be taking the date on the calendar that was marked as TBA on the 26th of January.

The title sponsor of the race last year, Antofagasta Minerals will play an expanded role this season as they become the series’ official copper mining partner.

Regarding the announcement, Formula E Co-Founder & Chief Championship Officer, Alberto Longo said: “I’m incredibly happy that Santiago will again feature on the ABB FIA Formula E Championship calendar for season five.

“I have particularly fond memories of the event last year and I really like the atmosphere of the city and backdrop against the Andes.

“Parque O’Higgins is an ideal location for an international sporting event such as ours.”

The Mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, was hopeful of the event causing less controversy this year, adding: “Now we’re changing the location, we learned and we listened to the neighbours – we’re talking with them to mitigate the negative externalities that mean organising this event inside Parque O’Higgins.

“Therefore, the work is done during the day and retaining open access – swimming pools and recreational areas still in operation.”

He also mentioned what would happen with the money generated from the race saying:

 “As happened in Parque Forestal, the monies obtained by the concept of municipal rights are invested in projects that improve the quality of life for residents – stories such as the installation of new public lighting, recovery of facades, bollards and improvements to playgrounds, pet areas and the installation of an exercise zone.”

The Minister for Sport, Pauline Kantor was also enthusiastic about the return of the EPrix saying: “We’re very happy because Formula E returns to Chile in January.

“It’s great news for all because it means that we’re up to the task as a country to organise big events, which also gives us a lot of visibility and makes Chile shine outside.

“It’s very good news not only in sports but also for tourism – it means that we can project our country to all parts of the world.”

The CEO of Antofagasta PLC, Ivan Arriagada was pleased to announce the partnership with the series saying: “Supporting the ABB FIA Formula E Championship highlights our commitment to developing electromobility in Chile and the world.

“As one of the largest copper producers, we believe in mining for a more sustainable future and therefore, we’re proud to not only sponsor the Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix, but also the global electric street racing series.”

Rob Lomas

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