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Catie Munnings becomes Extreme E’s newest face

The series’ Drivers’ Programme keeps growing, as Britain’s Catie Munnings joins aiming to get a spot in the off-road championship. Despite her young age, Munnings has a wealth of experience to give it all in this electric venture. 

Racing has always been part of Munnings’ life, as she made her first steps in rally at the age of 17. It did not take her long to join the FIA European Rally Championship, where on her first year she clinched the Ladies’ Trophy.

More successes kept coming for the young Brit, a she was able to finish the 2018 season with a fourth-place overall in the standings. The 2018 success led to Red Bull UK backing her following year’s campaign. 

Now she takes a step further joining the off-road electric series Extreme E, a new experience in her already well-ventured career. “I can’t wait for the challenge of mastering all those different types of surfaces and conditions. I see it as a natural progression and a very exciting prospect”, she claimed. 

If rally is known for racing in a wide range of locations and landscapes, Extreme E just takes it to the next level, ranging from rainforests to glaciers to deserts. “I would jump at the opportunity to race in any of the locations, so to include them all in one championship is fantastic”, added Munnings, who has a vast experience of racing in different surfaces all across Europe. 

“Extreme E’s goal of making a link between the sport we love and doing something incredibly important and constructive for the world is a massive thing. Every form of motorsport is looking to make positive environmental changes, and Extreme E’s foundations are set in sustainability and raising awareness as well as driving that change”, she expressed about Extreme E’s goal to race for a more sustainable future. 

With a growing number of drivers joining the series’ programme, it is always exciting to see new talents arriving to demonstrate what they are capable of achieving in a boundary-breaking championship. 

Andrea Perilli

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