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A photo of the X44 Extrene E car passing a check point flag

X44 clinch championship as Abt Cupra win Energy X-Prix

A mistake in the switch zone catapulted Team X44 to clinching the title in the last race of the Extreme E season, as Abt Cupra took victory in Punta del Este 

Team X44 became Extreme E season two’s champions in a rather dramatic fashion. The team were running in fourth place when third-running Andretti United got penalised for overspeeding in the switch zone.

The British duo of Sebastien Loeb and Cristina Gutierrez had earned their spot in the Final by winning the Crazy Race, which kept their championship chances alive as the Rosberg X Racing team was out of the Final.

Early into the Final, the team had put on a fight against leaders Abt Cupra but later got relegated only to climb back again in the standings when Andretti got penalised.

The race had fewer incidents than the prior sessions but still provided strong racing. The Abt Cupra team quickly moved uo to P1 and remained in there for the duration of the Final. In second position came the McLaren team and in third place the newly crowned champions.

Season 1 champions Rosberg X Racing have finished second in the championship standings followed by Spain’s Acciona Sainz in third.

Andrea Perilli

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