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Nissan to introduce new powertrain for Monaco E-Prix

Nissan have become the latest manufacturer to introduce their new powertrain ahead of this weekend’s Monaco E-Prix.

The Japanese manufacturer, who committed to the Gen3 era in March, will become the second manufacturer to introduce a new powertrain mid-season after DS Techeetah introduced the FE21 at the Rome E-Prix.

The Nissan IM03 will contain new hardware and software as well as a bespoke e-transmission fluid which has been developed in partnership with Shell.

The team are hoping this will be the boost they need as they aim to move up the Teams’ Championship, where they are currently 11th of 12, albeit through equal amounts of bad luck as well.

Tommaso Volpe, the global motorsports director for Nissan was looking forward to seeing what the car could do and said: “The track layout is news this year, but our previous success here brings confidence to the team.

“Nissan developed a new Gen2 powertrain that will race for the first time around this exciting track, so we are focused to extract the maximum performance.

“This new racing powertrain is the result of an ever-closer collaboration between our road car business and our Formula E project.”

Rob Lomas

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