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Granado clinches victory in Le Mans

Eric Granado takes victory in Moto E’s Le Mans race in spectacular last-lap action

Granado took the win after a clean pass on the inside to Alessandro Zaccone in the last lap of the race.

The Brazilian had started on pole position but was beaten by Dominique Aegerter off the line. He dropped down the order on the opening lap, but spent the remainder of the seven lap race climbing back up through the field.

Meanwhile, Alessandro Zaccone had climbed up to the race lead and was ahead of a close knit pack at the front of the field.

By the penultimate lap, Granado had climbed back up to P2 and was able to challenge Zaccone for the race lead. The pair ran side by side on a number of occasions on the final lap, before Granado finally put in his winning overtake in the last turn. 

Mattia Casadei initially crossed the finish line in third place, but since Zaccone was penalised for exceeding track limits, he ended up second. The Ongetta rider had a brilliant performance starting from P15 and finishing in second position. 

Aegerter, who had a brief lead in the first lap, finished the race in fourth position. 

Jordi Torres picked fifth place, and the Top 10 was completed by Yonni Hernandez, Lukas Tulovic, Matteo Ferrari, Corentin Perolari, and Maria Herrera. 

Hikari Okubo got collected by Fermin Aldeguer and had to retire from the race, while riders Miquel Pons and Andrea Mantovani could not start as they both crashed in the sighting lap.  

After today’s race Zaccone leads the championship with 41 points, followed by Casadei, Aegerter, and today’s winner Granado in fourth place.

Images courtesy of Moto GP


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