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Torres clinches the championship as Ferrari wins in San Marino

The end to the 2021 Moto E season could not be more dramatic. Matteo Ferrari took the win but it was ultimately Jordi Torres who clinched his second championship in the series.

Torres had built his dominance up this weekend, dominating qualifying and taking the win in Saturday’s race. He dominated most of today’s race until a contact he made with Aegerter’s bike put him out in the last lap and caused him to drop several places, finishing the race in P13.

The Swiss, who had scored significant points in the previous race and had chances to take the title, took the win. Seconds after the chequered flag was waved, there were celebrations within his team until Race Control announced he was under investigation. 

Aegerter was given a penalty for his incident with Torres, which made the Swiss lose his win and it was inherited by Matteo Ferrari. 

This way Aegerter was out of contention for the title and Torres clinched his second Moto E championship, extending his reign in the series. 

The podium was completed by Mattia Casadei and Miquel Pons. In fourth place came Kevin Zannoni, while Eric Granado, who arrived in San Marino with chances to take the title but had a disappointing weekend that stripped him out of contention, finished in fifth place.

Image by MotoGP.



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