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X44 quickest in qualifying as Chip Ganassi Racing hit problems

X44 tops qualifying for the Ocean X-Prix ahead of Rosberg X Racing and ABT.

It was another mixed up qualifying, with a mechanical issue for Chip Ganassi Racing dropping them out of the semi-final positions.

Andretti Kyle Leduc and Sara Price ended the first qualifying session third overall, but Leduc came to a stop midway through his lap. Leduc had been flying and looked set to go quickest when he stopped and had to get out of the car to perform a reset. After about four minutes, the car got going again, but there was little Leduc or Price could do to make back the time.

They needed one of the other teams to have a mechanical problem to boost them into the top six and earn a place in the semi-finals, but the rest of the field managed qualifying 2 without incident.

The mechanical problem pushed ABT’s Mattias Ekstrum and Jutta Kleinschmidt into the top three and the first semi final.

Championship newcomer Kevin Hansen and Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky finished fourth for JBXE. Veloce’s Stephan Sarrazin and Jamie Chadwick and Xite Energy’s Oliver Bettett and Christine GZ will join them in the second semi final.

The top two drivers from both semi finals will compete in the final.

Timmy Hansen and Catie Munnings were both able to get clean laps in after a mechanical problem in qualifying one, but they were still roughly half a second behind the Andretti duo. Carlos Sainz and Laia Sans were also both able to get out after a DNF in qualifying one.

Image courtesy of Extreme E

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