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Chadwick: “The Pressure’s Off”

After a nightmarish opening Extreme E round in Saudi Arabia, one could be forgiven for thinking that the pressure on Veloce Racing would be piled on.

After Stephanne Sarrazin’s crash led to chassis damage that couldn’t be repaired on-site, the team had to withdraw from the event. However, they are back; despite the early setback, the mood within the team and especially amongst the drivers seems to be good.

Having competed in fewer rounds of the championship compared to the other teams, unfortunately, means Veloce Racing are now out of contention for the championship.

Jamie Chadwick had hardly any seat time in Saudi Arabia so one would think that this would ramp up the pressure a bit for the rest of the season.

However, Chadwick reckons that this could play into the team’s hands.

She said: “Yeah! The pressure’s off a little bit, we made our mistake but, we can now just learn and grow together and work harder, harder than before and, I think that’s a positive.

“The only way is up, I guess, with zero points on the board, we can only go forwards.”

Having had to come from the W Series pre-season test in Anglesey, driving high-downforce Formula 3 cars, jumping into an electric, off-roader might be quite the culture shock.

However, Chadwick was relishing the challenge of being a more versatile driver.

She added that the transition between both cars was: “Very different, the test ended up being in Anglesey so, I don’t think you can get further extremes!

“I love it. I enjoy the challenge. It’s a learning process and, I can’t underestimate that kind of process that I’m on but, I love it.

“I like being able to be versatile and it’s a skill I want for everything so I want to be able to jump in anything and be quick and to learn that skill in Extreme E and to have that opportunity from Extreme E is something I’m very grateful for.”

Image courtesy of Extreme E

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