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Extreme E adds another format change ahead of Arctic X Prix

Extreme E has revamped its format for the third consecutive round, with a new qualifying system to be introduced in Greenland.

The championship, which has only had two races to date, has changed its format shortly before each round this season.

This latest change aims to make it fairer for teams that might have a DNF or some other bad luck in one of their qualifying runs.

Each qualifying session will award points, from 12 to four. At the end of both qualifying sessions, the points totals will determine which semi final a team competes in. These points do not go towards the championship standings.

After qualifying, the team with the most points will be joined by the fifth and sixth placed teams in Semi Final 1. Second through to fourth will compete in Semi Final 2. The remaining three teams will compete in the Crazy Race.

Each of the three races will offer an opportunity to earn a spot in the five-car final. The top two teams from both semi-finals will go forward, as well as the winner of the Crazy Race.

“As a series we are always ready to evolve in order to create the absolute best result, and we believe these changes to the sporting format will offer greater competition and even more exciting racing for our global fanbase,” said series founder Alejandro Agag.

“I can’t wait to witness some of the biggest names in racing taking art in the first motorsport event ever hosted in Greenland, and see who will take the to step on the podium. The course itself looks incredible and I’m sure it will offer some close battles, but it is important to note we are racing on an area which was once a glacier, but has retreated at an accelerated rate due to the climate crisis.”

Image courtesy of Extreme E

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