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Charles Pic takes ownership of DAMS F2

Former Formula E driver Charles Pic is the new owner of the Nissan e.dams sister team DAMS F2.

The team had been run by brothers Olivier and Gregory Driot for two years after the passing of their father and DAMS found Jean-Paul Driot.

After being approached by Pic with a proposal, the Driot’s opted to sell the team – including both the junior single-seater outfit and Formula E team – to the 32-year-old.

DAMS has confirmed the purchase will not have any involvement in the Formula E team.

The brothers said in a statement: “Although it is with a heavy heart that we are handing over the team, this is the best way to ensure the DAMS legacy remains and expands. After our father passed, we have always aimed to continue driving the team forwards.

“However, we know DAMS can excel even further under Charles, and especially with the passionate and loyal people who have been working with us for many years.

“We want the best for DAMS and Charles has a deep knowledge of motorsport. Under his watch the team’s legacy will continue and it will flourish. We feel our father would have been proud of this next step.

“When Charles approached us, we thought this was a great opportunity, not only for the staff, but also the legacy of the Driot family. It is a great honour for us to hand over DAMS to another great French motorsport name.”

The Pic family already has a significant relationship with the Driot’s. Though Charles Pic himself never raced for the team, his younger brother Arthur Pic raced with the squad in Formula Renault 3.5 and Pic’s godfather Eric Bernard was one of the first drivers to race for the team in Formula 3000.

“I would like to thank Olivier and Gregory for this great opportunity to continue the DAMS story,” said Pic. “Our families have been very close for a long time, as Jean-Paul knew my grandfather, who has supported DAMS drivers in the past like my godfather Eric Bernard and Olivier Panis, and he also helped me a lot during my career. This is a huge honour for me to continue Jean-Paul’s legacy in French motorsport.

“I am still very passionate about motorsport and this is a long term project. I look forward to working with Francois Sicard and Remi Decorzent, who will continue to manage the team on a daily basis and I have full trust in them. I hugely believe DAMS can be successful both on and off the track and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve with Francois, Remi and the rest of the DAMS team members.”

Pic reiterated that he will not have an operational role but intends to “invest myself with DAMS in the long term development strategy”. He also stated that his involvement in the Groupe Charles Andre transportation company will not interfere with his role at DAMS and the team will remain independent.

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