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Agag announces plans for hydrogen powered “Extreme H”

Formula E founder and Extreme E CEO Alejandro Agag intends to launch a hydrogen powered motorsport series in 2024.

The series, which will be called Extreme H, was announced ahead of the opening round of the 2021 Extreme E season.

What form the championship will take is yet to be decided, but it will likely work closely with the existing Extreme E championship.

“It has become increasingly clear to us that creating a hydrogen racing series is a natural evolution of our mission to showcase the possibilities of new technologies in the race to fight climate issues,” said Agag.

“Together with the current Extreme E teams we will decide in the coming months the best way to integrate the hydrogen powered cars into the racing weekend. Two separate categories, full transition to hydrogen or joint racing are all options on the table.

“Extreme E is an FIA International Series and our intention is to work closely again with the FIA and the Automobile Club de Monaco on the development of Extreme H. Sort is the fastest and most effective platform for driving innovation, and by using the existing Extreme E platform we can also utilise our transport, talent and operations to ensure we are minimising footprint in the process. This effectively means we can have double the race action with marginal additional impact.”

It’s possible the hydrogen powered cars may completely replace the current battery powered Odyssey 21 or race alongside it. The Extreme H car will be identical to the Extreme E car, with a hydrogen fuel cell replacing the battery.

Extreme E already utilises hydrogen power in its battery charging.

Agag has been in talks with a number of teams and partners and the series will work closely with the FIA to launch the first hydrogen powered series.

Image courtesy of Extreme E

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