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Veloce Racing top qualifying at the Energy X-Prix

The duo of Molly Taylor and Kevin Hansen won the second qualifying session and reached the top qualifier at the Energy X-Prix.

The team had had a strong morning, having finished in second position in the first round of qualifying. The performance was still strong in the afternoon, and the duo was able to finish on top of the standings in the second qualifying session after the ABT Cupra team got given a penalty. Veloce will now take part in the Semi Final 1.

The Acciona Sainz team, which had clinched victory in the first qualifying session, will compete in the Semi Final 2 after finishing second overall in the overall qualifying standings.

The first Semi Final will have Veloce and ABT Cupra competing for a spot in the Final, while in the second Semi Final The Acciona Sainz team will duel with the Andretti United outfit.

Championship contenders Rosberg X Racing and Team X44 will face each other in the Crazy Race, as crashes ruled them out of qualifying today. The JBXE team will be the third team to compete in the Crazy Race.

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