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A race on the wild side

From driving on an ice glacier, to having a stunt actor jumping above the car, Formula E has engaged itself in a variety of extreme challenges. This time, a cheetah and the electric machine race each other.

One of the main goals of the FIA Formula E Championship has, is to raise awareness of the forerunner of climate change. This topic has been under the spotlight in the last few decades, and many have been those to discuss what we can do to solve this problem.

This global issue, not only endangers cities or landscapes, but also species. For this reason, Formula E went to the African savannah in South Africa, to set up a rather uncommon race: the fully-electric car, against the cheetah, the fastest animal in the world.

With just 7000 cheetahs living in wilderness, the stint aims to enlighten how critical climate change is for the future of the species, that habits the African savannah.”We knew the similarities in performance between the Formula E car and a cheetah, so we were curious to see the outcome. But, what’s even more important is to determine the outcome for the future for not only us, but the cheetah and other animals we share our planet with“, expressed Formula E’s CEO, Alejandro Agag.

The man behind the wheel was none other than Jean-Éric Vergne, who will start his second season for TECHEETAH next December 2nd in Hong Kong. The Chinese team will reveal its livery next Friday 1st December, and it has been reported that this stint between the Frenchman and the cheetah is related to the car’s design.

Both the TECHEETAH Formula-E Team and I want to be part of raising awareness for the wider impact that climate change has on our planet. We do it mostly by showcasing and developing our electric cars across the world throughout the Formula E season, but we wanted to do more outside of the race track“, commented Vergne.

Andrea Perilli

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