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A wide shot of the Formula E New York E-Prix overlooking the straight, with the New York sky line in the background. The bright green car of Nick Cassidy is on track. A small way behind him are four more cars one behind the other

Portland added to Formula E calendar

The United States will host an E-Prix in 2023, Formula E has confirmed as Portland, Oregon is added to the calendar.

The US has hosted Formula E at least once every season with the exception of 2020, which was restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

New York has been the most recent host, holding five double header events since 2017, but was absent from the Season 9 calendar. This was due to the fact part of the Brooklyn circuit will now be used by the cruise industry and won’t be available.

Formula E now switches coasts to head to Portland, a city with extensive motorsport history.

The city has hosted IndyCar and its predecessor Champ Car since the 1980s.

“We are excited to bring the premier electric motorsport world championship to Portland for the first time in June next year,” said Alberto Longo, Formula E co-founder and CCO. “There is a big, passionate fanbase for professional sports in the city, together with strong ecological credentials which makes Portland a perfect host for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

“The USA remains an important market for Formula E. We are delighted to maintain that critical presence and engage a new audience in the Pacific Northwest region in all-electric motorsport.”

The Portland round is set to take place on June 24th.

It is also the final expected addition to the Formula E calendar. The May TBD round which has been in place since Seoul was removed from the 2022-23 calendar has now also been removed.

1Mexico City, Mexico14 January 2023
2Diriyah, Saudi Arabia27 January 2023
3Diriyah, Saudi Arabia28 January 2023
4Hyderabad, India11 February 2023
5Cape Town, South Africa25 February 2023
6Sao Paulo, Brazil25 March 2023
7Berlin, Germany22 April 2023
8Berlin, Germany23 April 2023
9Monte Carlo, Monaco6 May 2023
10Jakarta, Indonesia3 June 2023
11Jakarta, Indonesia4 June 2023
12Portland, USA24 June 2023
13Rome, Italy15 July 2023
14Rome, Italy16 July 2023
15London, UK29 July 2023
16London, UK30 July 2023

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