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Evans positive ahead of Santiago

The Panasonic Jaguar Racing driver is confident the team could have a good weekend in Santiago’s first ever ePrix, as he enters the fourth round of the championship in P8 in the standings.

Mitch Evans has had mixed results in the season so far. From finishing outside of the Top 10 on Saturday in Hong Kong, he went on to inherit P3 – and score his first podium finish – on Sunday, and finally had an issue-packed race in Morocco.

Evans’ podium in the second race of the Hong Kong ePrix was his team’s first one ever as well. This does not come as a surprise, as the British team has shown a major improvement alreadu this season. “We knew we were going to be better but we didn’t know exactly what other improvements everyone else has made.

“The podium probably came a bit earlier than expected but it’s definitely made us hungry as a team and we want to get on the podium properly and physically enjoy it. We’re in good shape and happy as a team”.

Nonetheless, the New Zealander has his feet on the ground and knows the growing nature that the series has, as all teams evolve alongside it. “We knew it [improvement] was going to be quite significant but everyone else is evolving too. We have to make a big jump up from our season three car because everyone else has evolved”.

The Kiwi driver aims to be back at the top with his team, which currently sits fourth in the standings. “I think the guys have done a good job, we seem to have been competitive in the first two rounds on different circuits. I’m confident we can still be fast tomorrow.

“Obviously without it being a double header you have to be on top of it early, from the driver’s side and from the team’s side. I’m feeling good, I think we’ll be in good shape. We’ll see what happens”.

One of the most discussed topics this weekend has been the track’s layout and surface. “This track’s going to throw a lot at us. Obviously it’s brand new, there’s a massive surface difference between most corners,” said Evans.

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