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Dillmann: “mainly software changes” to contend with on FE comeback

For drivers who return to Formula E after a period of time away from the sport, getting used to the technological evolution can be a challenge.

Venturi’s Tom Dillmann is a driver who is in that position as he makes a one-off appearance to replace Edo Mortara as the Swiss-Italian driver is prioritising his DTM commitments.

However, when asked about what had changed from Season 3, the Frenchman said that the only real changes were to the software having been refined.

He said: “It’s mainly software. I did quite a lot of the development of that car in the summer but I have not been in the car since July last year, I had to do some sim to get up to speed with all the evolved on the software side.”

Regarding the simulator side of things, there are other benefits to it as well as getting used to the cars.

Dillmann said: “Especially in Formula E when everything is in one day, it’s mandatory to do a lot of sim and the team and the driver also uses it for the energy management so yeah, it’s a big part of coming into a weekend. We drive, I think we do more km on the sim than we do in real life.”

He also stated what his main goals for the weekend were, saying: “I think, so far in FE, I have been more times in the points than not so the goal is to be in the points for sure.”

Jack Amey

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