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Vergne ordered to complete community service over radio message

Jean-Eric Vergne will have to serve one day of community service as a result of alleged unsporting behaviour.

The Frenchman, who became the first driver to win multiple Formula E titles, was heard to have said over the team radio that his DS Techeetah team should: “Tell Andre to stop … to bring out the safety car.”

In accordance to the stewards report, when asked about this, Vergne stated that: “He knew that Car 36 (Lotterer) has sustained damage in an incident at Turn 6 on Lap 2, had broken the front wing and had lost time as a result such that it was no longer in contention for a points finish in Round 12.

“He held concerns for his safety and that of other Drivers due to debris on track and made the request to his engineer that Car 36 be requested to stop for that reason only.

“The Driver of Car 25 (Vergne) said that he recognises that his messages could be misunderstood.

“He acknowledged, with the benefit of hindsight, the messages were inappropriate, particularly having been made on an open channel which is available to the public via the E-App and which he was aware could be monitored by Race Officials.

“The Stewards noted that Car 25’s engineer did not respond to the messages from Mr Vergne.

“The stewards accept the explanation of Mr Vergne but it is the obligation of a sportsman at this level to act in a fair and correct manner and as a role model to other drivers at all levels of motorsport”.

Radio messages can be heard by anyone who has access to the E-App as the transmission is through an open radio channel.

Vergne’s engineer didn’t respond to the request from Vergne.

Rob Lomas

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