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Marrakesh replaces Hong Kong as FE announces 2019/20 calendar

Marrakesh has returned to the FIA Formula E calendar in place of Hong Kong following publication of the new 2019/20 schedule.

Marrakesh has hosted three races, first held in 2016, but was missing off the initial calendar. There was speculation it could take the TBC slot in December, but this has now been removed from the calendar.

This removes one of the clashes with the World Endurance Championship.

Hong Kong, originally scheduled for an early March slot, has also been dropped from the schedule.

Saudi Arabia will open the season with a double header at the end of November while Santiago follows after a two-month break.

Mexico City then makes a return in mid-February before Marrakesh on February 29, 2020.

Rome and Paris kick off the European season before the inaugural Seoul and Jakarta E-Prix on May 3 and June 6 respectively

It means the Berlin E-Prix is now later in the season, on June 21, taking the original slot for the New York City race.

This has now been moved to July 11, introducing a clash with the Norisring DTM race, before a London double-header to close the season two weeks later.

Round City Country Date
  1     Diriyah     Saudi
  22, 2019  
  2     Diriyah     Saudi
  23, 2019  
  3     Santiago*     Chile     January
  18, 2020  
  4     Mexico City*     Mexico     February
  15, 2020  
  5     Marrakesh     Morocco     February
  29, 2020  
  6     Sanya     China     March
  21, 2020  
  7     Rome     Italy     April
  4, 2020  
  8     Paris     France     April
  18, 2020  
  9     Seoul*     South
  3, 2020  
  10     Jakarta*     Indonesia     June
  6, 2020  
  11     Berlin     Germany     June
  21, 2020  
  12     New York City     USA     July
  11, 2020  
  13     London*     UK     July
  25, 2020  
  14     London*     UK     July
  26, 2020  

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