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Ehrlacher victorious as Ferrier and Lagorce collide

Yann Ehrlacher inherited his second victory of the Andros e-Trophy season at Isola after race leaders Christophe Ferrier and Franck Lagorce collided.

Ferrier and Lagorce spent the opening laps in a tight battle for the lead. Lagorce tried to force his way past but Ferrier defended well. They held position until mid-way through the six lap race, when Lagorce held the inside line and both cars were sent into the snow bank at the start of the lap.

Ferrier was able to detach his car from the snowbank, but damage to both his and Lagorce’s cars meant neither were able to continue.

Ehrlacher, who had started from the back of the grid, stormed into the lead ahead of Olivier Panis and the slow starting Aurelien Panis.

Olivier Panis wasn’t able to get close enough to Ehrlacher to challenge for the lead and, on the final lap, span out of the race.

Aurelien Panis inherited second and closed in on Ehrlacher, finishing just 0.7s behind the Dupessey driver.

Quentin Giordano was the final finisher, taking third five seconds behind Panis.

In the second final, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg claimed a comfortable victory. He was able to pull away from the rest of the field as team-mate Nico Prost kept the pressure on second placed Andreas Bakkerud.

Taking the corners much tighter than the Audi driver, Prost tried to force his way past. Bakkerud didn’t open the door, though, and managed to keep Prost at bay to take second.

Benjamin Riviere, Nathaneal Berthon and Olivier Pernaut completed the over.

Despite not finishing the final, Ferrier claimed the most points over the course of the day, boosting him up to eighth in the championship standings.

Aurelien Panis is still top of the championship standings, 17 points ahead of Dubourg and 38 ahead of both Yann Ehrlacher and Olivier Panis.

Image courtesy of Bruno Bade.

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