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Hankook becomes Formula E’s new tyre partner

Hankook will join the fully-electric championship in the 2022-23 season, becoming the official tyre supplier. 

Hankook already produces tyres for electric vehicles, and will now provide electric racing cars with their own EV-tyres. As a championship that also serves companies as a testing platform for their technologies, Formula E is a clear example of tomorrow’s sustainable car industry. 

“Hankook will be creating bespoke tyres for Formula E with innovative technology and connectivity benefits to be used for both wet and dry conditions for multiple events. These tyres will offer a very low rolling resistance, suitable to raise electric vehicles efficiency”, the brand has informed. 

In the announcement, the brand explained their tyres are made out of bio-sourced materials, contributing to the preservation of the environment. “The company will join in Formula E’s pursuit towards creating a better, cleaner world by providing its future oriented tyre technology through the supply of specially designed tyres to all Formula E races along with technical expertise”. 

Along with the Hankook news, FIA and Formula E released a statement where they announced Spark Racing Technology and Williams Advanced Engineering will continue to be linked with the championship, providing the cars’ chassis and battery system, respectively, when the Gen3 car is introduced in the series. 


Image by Hankook. 

Andrea Perilli

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