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Saudi Arabia to host Formula E’s first night race

Saudi Arabia will host Formula E’s first night race, with the 2.5km circuit being lit by entirely renewable energy.

Diriyah is set to hold the third and fourth rounds of the 2020-21 Formula E season, the second location after the Santiago double header season opener.

Racing will begin at 8pm local time, in contrast to the usual 3pm local time start.

Keeping with Formula E’s eco-friendly ethos, the track will be lit by low-consumption LED technology, with the power being provided by low-carbon certified hydrogenated vegetable oil.

“We are very proud to partner with Saudi to create Formula E’s first-ever night race,” said series CEO Alberto Longo.

“I am confident the race will be spectacular and lead to a style of competitive action we haven’t seen before.

“As with everything we do, our first thought was how to bring our sporting vision to life in a sustainable way. Before we innovate our racing product, we must be confident we can maintain the standards of sustainable practice we hold ourselves accountable to.”

Bethonie Waring

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