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Mercedes, Jaguar & Porsche react to Audi, BMW exit

Mercedes, Jaguar, and Porsche have all reaffirmed their commitments to Formula E after two manufacturers announced they will leave the championship after Season 7.

Audi announced they will leave the electric championship after the 2020-21 season as they focus on their endurance racing campaigns. BMW also revealed they will leave the series.

In light of the news, three of the eight other manufacturers on the grid have released statements confirming their commitment to the series.

Mercedes was the first to react to the news.

“Formula E has established itself strongly and undoubtedly has the potential to grow further,” said team principal Ian James.

“With a strong focus on electric mobility and urban locations, we reach a new audience for our brand and have an exciting platform for promoting sustainable technology.

“This is a moment when it is important to make bold decisions in terms of the technical and financial rules for the future, in order to create the right framework for years ahead.

“We are determined to play an active part in shaping a bright future for Formula E.”

Despite bringing an end to its Formula E support series, the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy, Jaguar also reiterated FE’s importance to its transition to electric cars.

“While it’s unfortunate to learn of the departure of BMW and Audi at the end of Season 7, we look forward to racing against them in what is set to be the most competitive season ever of Formula E,” Jaguar team director James Barclay said.

“We are encouraged by the news this week that there are manufacturers that remain committed to Formula E long term and others who may replace those departing in this increasingly relevant form of motorsport.

“Jaguar remain fully committed to our programme in Formula E as an important part in our transition to electric mobility, and Jaguar Land Rover’s destination zero vision.”

Porsche also emphasised Formula E’s relevance, responding to BMW’s claim it has exhausted the opportunities FE has to offer.

“Porsche is convinced of the unique concept and outstanding stage in order to strengthen electric mobility and reach another audience,” said Porsche Motorsport vice president Fritz Enzinger.

“Formula E is the stage to develop and expand our outstanding competencies in the field of electric powertrains – bringing them from the race track into series production.

“We echo Mercedes, we should take the current situation as a chance to sit down, evaluate and understand further potentials to make this young Championship even stronger in the near future.”

Mahindra has already announced they are committed to the Gen 3 Formula E cars, which are set to be introduced in Season 9.

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