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Nissan committed to Formula E Gen 3

Nissan is the latest manufacturer to commit to competing in Formula E’s Gen 3 era.

All new cars will be introduced at the start of Season 9, with fast charging capabilities and batteries supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering.

Nissan highlighted its commitment to electrifying its entire road car range by 2030, and the benefits of Formula E’s technology in that endeavor.

This comes months after Audi dismissed how useful the race series will be in the future of road car electrification.

“Nissan’s vision for cars goes far beyond simply modes of transport,” said Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta. “We aim to design and build electric vehicles that transform the way communities connect and move, and inspire us all to work towards a sustainable society.

“For Nissan, Formula E helps us bring excitement, energy, and the environment to the forefront as we deliver this vision of the future to an ever-growing new, young and diverse audience.”

Nissan joins DS Automobiles and Mahindra in committing to Gen 3, with other manufacturers having restated their confidence in Formula E’s relevance to road technology after Audi’s announcement.

“Nissan is recgnoised for its pioneering electric vehicles and we’re delighted to work with them as they develop their next generation line-up,” said Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle.

“They have rapidly proven themselves a force to be reckoned with on our grid too. The performance benefits of Gen 3 will create more intense competition on track and drive progress of track, showing car buyers the full potential of electric vehicles.

“We are delighted Nissan will embark on this next phase of Formula E’s journey.”

Bethonie Waring

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