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Longer Monaco track layout revealed

Formula E will race through some of the most famous corners in motorsport when it runs in Monaco in May.

The series has revealed the layout it will use when returning to the iconic street circuit, which will differ only slightly from the traditional Grand Prix layout.

When FE first visited Monaco in inaugural season, the series used a shortened layout due to the energy limits of the car. Now the Gen 2 cars will be able to handle the longer circuit, including the uphill section after Sainte Devote.

The race will also run through Monaco’s famous tunnel. There will be a change in the chicane layout on the harbour front and a different kerb layout at Sainte Devote.

“To see Formula E race around the longer version of the most historic racing circuit in the world will mark another great milestone for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship,” said Chief Championship Officer Alberto Longo.

“In many ways, this circuit is made for Formula E – it’s a fast and narrow street circuit which will see plenty of opportunities for overtaking and will really test driver’s energy management with sharp inclines and high-speed sections.

“The FIA and the ACM are allowing us to race around corners steeped in motorsport tradition and we are honoured that Formula E will be creating its own history on May 8.”

As well as Formula E, Monaco will host Formula 1 and the Historic Grand Prix in the space of just a month.

Next week’s Historic GP will allow spectators at a third usual capacity, though only residents, hotel guests and people working in the area will be permitted. It’s not yet known if this will be allowed for FE or F1.

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