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MotoE and Energica to part ways after 2022

MotoE manufacturer will leave the series at the end of 2022, the championship has confirmed.

Energica has been the sole supplier for the electric motorcycle championship since its inception in 2019.

Despite issues both external and internal, the Italian company provided reliable and innovative machines for the MotoE grid.

However, the series has revealed the contract which is due to end at the end of next season will not be extended.

“We are extremely happy at Energica to have provided our invaluable contribution to make MotoE the success it is today,” company CEO Livia Cevolini said.

“We’re confident that our initiative and efforts have generated plenty of interest from the big OEMs to follow the path we started a decade ago. Being pioneers of electric mobility on two wheels, we have opened up the way to a whole new strata of sustainable and exciting motorcycle racing and – as we have always done – we now aim at testing ourselves with new challenges.”

MotoE executive director Nicolas Goubert praised Energica’s impact on the championship in its first three seasons, and reiterated both parties commitment to the 2022 season.

“From the very beginning, Energica has brought its know-how to the track in a way we couldn’t be happier with, delivering a package that has proved to be extremely competitive, showing impressive maximum speed and lap-times that on some occasions were in line with other classes, despite the much shorter history of electric motorcycles,” he said.

“Maybe even more impressive than the on-track performance was the bike reliability, as none of the 18 riders ever encountered any mechanical failure during any of the races we enjoyed in the three seasons.

“Their ability to respond quickly and effectively to our requests and the ones coming from the riders and teams is proof of all the expertise and passion they brought to the series.

“All sides are committed to continuing giving their maximum effort into 2022, for what will be another spectacular year of racing.”

Image courtesy of MotoGP

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