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A group of Andros eTrophy cars on a circuit made of ice with snow walls on either side. There are four cars on the front row,three on the second row, three on the third row and three at the back.

Andros eTrophy ready to hit the ice

The Andros eTrophy begins again this weekend for its third season as an all electric series.

The French ice racing championship, which was founded in 1990, ran an electric car category for several years before switching to an all-electric format for the 2019-20 season.

This year will consist of six rounds held in France and Andorra, with the final set to take place in late January at Super Basse.

Each round, with the exception of the finale, is a two day event. Drivers get two qualifying sessions, with the top three in each progressing to the “Super Pole” and the “Super Final”. The remaining drivers race in the “Final”. Points are awarded for both qualifying and the races. The format is then repeated for day two.

Thirteen cars are signed up for the first round this weekend at Val Thornes. Reigning champion Jean-Baptiste Dubourg will once again be racing with DA Racing. He is joined by Olivier Pernaut and Anthony Pelfrene at the team.

2019-20 champion Aurelien Panis will also feature once again, racing with Sainteloc Racing.

WRC champion Sebastien Loeb will compete in selected rounds with his eponymous Sebastien Loeb Racing. He is set to compete in the first race at Val Thorens, with Jerome Grosset-Janin taking over for day two.

Each car is also shared by an amateur driver, who compete in the separate “Elite” class races. While an Elite driver’s performance has no impact on their Elite Pro partner, teams must work quick to repair any damage in the short gap between races.

Image courtesy of Bruno Bade

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