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A photo of Nyck de Vries in his Formula E car going past a grandstand of people. The grandstand takes up the right half of the photo and is full of fans.

Just Electric: Writers Wanted

As Formula E heads into its Gen3 era, Just Electric is heading into a new era.

Just Electric is a group of people who love electric racing and love writing about it. If that sounds like you, we would love for you to join our team. Write as much or as little as you like and share your work with fellow fans of all things electric racing.

This is a voluntary position and an ideal starting point for writers looking for a platform for their work. One former writer has gone on to work for Dorna while current writers have experience at Autosport and Radio Le Mans.

If you would like to join the team, send us an email at info@just-electric.org and tell us which electric series you would love to write about.

Bethonie Waring

Introducing the team

Rob Lomas

Hi! I’m Rob Lomas and I’m part of the editorial team here at Just-Electric, having started writing in Season 4. I’ve been watching Formula E since the very first race in Beijing in 2014, and attended my first race as a spectator in London in 2016! The first race I attended as media was Paris in 2018, the date remaining with me forever… since I have it tattooed on my left(?) leg. Away from Formula E, I enjoy sportscar racing, which I also produce for Radio Le Mans, tube challenging, which is that thing which involves trying to visit some/all London Underground stations and is much harder than it looks, listening to metal music, and commentating on sim racing, which has been great fun as well!

Andrea Perilli

I’m Andrea, one of the founders of Just Electric. I have been passionate about motorsports since an early age, and made my first steps in the world of racing journalism at the age of 15 years old. I have been an FIA-accredited journalist in races both in my native South America and Europe. I am currently a communications student at the Universidad de la República (Uruguay), where I am specialising in political communication.

Bethonie Waring

I’m Bethonie, I’ve been covering Formula E since Season 1 and writing here at Just Electric since 2017. I fell in love with Formula E pretty much instantaneously – who couldn’t after that opening race? My favourite Formula E race was probably London season two, it was just peak Formula E. I also write about Extreme E and the Andros eTrophy, which I adore. If you haven’t watched Andros, put it on your to-do list this winter. You won’t regret it.



Bethonie Waring

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