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Sam Bird in his Jaguar Formula E car leads a field of drivers on track in Berlin

“If it’s wet tomorrow, it’s going to be very difficult” – Bird

Jaguar driver Sam Bird has warned that rain during the second Berlin E-Prix will provide a real test for drivers with the new Hankook tyres. 

While the 22 car field did test in wet conditions during preseason testing, so far Formula E has managed to avoid the rain during race weekends. 

That may change in Berlin, where rain is forecast for the second day of racing. 

Different weather conditions always provide a challenge to drivers, but the Hankook tyres – introduced at the start of the year – may make that even more difficult. 

“The Hankook tyre, I think genuinely has created some incredible races,” Bird said. “If it’s wet tomorrow, it’s going to be very difficult. I can’t say any more. 

“It really will be a test to keep the car moving in the direction that you want it to at all times” 

The Hankook tyres have been criticised by some for being too hard and not having enough grip. In particular, it has been a challenge to get the tyres up to temperature, a factor that the rain will not help with. 

Despite his team-mate’s concerns, Mitch Evans believes wet weather might do some good.  

“We’ll take it as it comes,” he said. “What conditions will be, will be, and you should try to maximize it.  

“Maybe the rain might be good, so we don’t see the chaos that we saw today. But let’s see tomorrow. The forecasts are never always completely true. It just depends on the phase and if it does come, when does it come. 

“I may just reset things, which may be good. After quali [today], I would have loved a bit of rain, but now I wouldn’t mind a dry day.” 

“I would prefer some rain,” added Maserati driver Maximillian Guenther. “I think it would be fun to keep the car on the track. We’ve got some ideas, everybody has. We did some wet running already this season, in testing. It will be exciting for the show, I’m pretty confident.”. 

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