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eTrophy drivers complete final pre-season test

Preparation for the inaugural Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy continued as drivers completed the final pre-season test at Rockingham in the UK.

The field, including confirmed and yet to be confirmed drivers, went through the full grid and race start procedure ahead of the first race of the season, which takes place in early December.

“The test was about working the car hard, playing with the set up and replicating the city street circuits we’ll be racing on when the season starts,” said Jaguar Brazil Racing’s Sergio Jimenez.

“Caca [Bueno] and I make a good team and, while the championship is new to all of us, we’re confident we can get good results.”

RLL Racing driver Katherine Legge added: “Coming into this series at the beginning as the cars are being developed is really the fun part.

“The car is so different to anything else I’ve done before. It’s so quiet compared to a combustion engine, and it’s very well refined, it gets up to speed quickly and it’ll be great for the street circuits.”

As well as the five drivers already confirmed for the 2018-19 season, drivers from the Saudi Arabia, China, and Germany teams were also in action at the British circuit. The three multi-car teams are set to announce their line-ups later this month.

Alongside the professional drivers, British model David Gandy was also behind the wheel of the I-Pace this week. Gandy, who has previously raced for Jaguar in the Mille Miglia, said he was already a fan of Formula E, but is now looking forward to the production car championship.

“I was initially sceptical about electric cars but now, after driving the Jaguar ePace and the I-Pace eTrophy, I’m a convert,” he said.

“The race car is so powerful but it’s a friendly car to drive – it’s a lot of fun and holding your speed around the corners is a test of nerve. I’m already a Formula E fan but adding the element of production car racing will add something special. I’ll definitely be watching.”

Every round of the 10 round eTrophy championship will also feature a VIP driven by “famous faces from the world of motorsport and beyond”.

Image courtesy of Jaguar Racing


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