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Munnings: “we never imagined we’d come out on top”

Andretti “could never have imagined” winning the Arctic X-Prix after a difficult opening qualifying according to driver Catie Munnings.

The team came seventh in qualifying, ahead of only JBXE and Rosberg X Racing, who both had issues on their qualifying runs.

But the team bounced back in the second qualifying and topped the second Semi Final, earning a place in the Final.

After a hard fought battle throughout the final, Munnings and Timmy Hansen emerged on top, becoming only the second team to win an X-Prix.

“I have literally no words for it,” said Munnings. “At the start of the weekend, with qualifying one, we were like “ok, yah, we’ll just go with it and see”, but we never imagined coming out on top.

“It’s a really special feeling.”

“It’s been a great afternoon, or day I guess,” added Hansen. “We both had great races today. We really had to work for it. Catie did an amazing job both times. We both were involved with very close battles with the Rosberg car both times. It feels incredible to be here.”

Both drivers praised the track, which was unique even in terms of Extreme E and provided challenges that weren’t faced in Senegal or Saudi Arabia.

A last minute change before the Semi Finals was also the right decision, according to Hansen.

“It was a good change for the race,” he explained. “It kept the grid very close for a long time.

“The course was good. It was also good getting rattled in the narrow section. I had a couple of moments where I was really on the limit. But then I kind of realised to back off a little bit, take it easy, as no one can pass anyway there.

“It’s been a very fun track, especially the second half, because there are so many options. There are so many lines, great jumps, it was a great track, good for racing.”

The rock garden section at the end of the lap proved to be the challenge drivers were expecting at the start of the weekend, with a number of laps coming to an early end due to suspension damage.

Munnings explained how it was different every time she saw it.

“It was really different to what we’ve seen before, a new challenge for the car as well,” she said.

“I think what was interesting was that it literally changed every time you saw it, every car would chuck out massive rocks, so your line might not be there. It’s a very spontaneous style of driving.”

The team now lies third in the championship standings, behind Rosberg X Racing and X44, with two rounds remaining.

Image courtesy of Extreme E

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